Massage Therapy can help you to experience a deeper state of relaxation than ever felt before. This fusion of styles incorporates elements of Western and Eastern massage techniques, including Swedish, Craniosacral, Acupressure, Thai, Reflexology and Qi Gong.

Western massage works with muscles and soft tissue.

Eastern massage works with Chi (Qi) or Life Energy.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is used to treat and release older and more long term patterns of holding tension that exist in the deeper layers of muscle tissue. These patterns may have built up over time through stress, poor posture, injury, trauma etc.. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy techniques are then required to recover muscle tone and mobility, in order to let go of tension.

Massage Therapy is also a healing art. Making contact with a skillful pair of healing hands works on a more psychological level, meeting our human needs to be touched and held, and supported by others. This lighter healing aspect of Massage Therapy eases and soothes the body, and helps us to relax deeply.

During a treatment, these techniques are combined according to the clients' needs and can vary from soft and gentle to soothe and relax, to deep tissue massage which is strong enough to relieve long term stress-related and postural problems.