Qi Gong's gentle but powerful exercises heal the body, and over time increase flexibility, improve immunity and vitality. At a deeper level, Qi Gong clears blockages from the energy centres and channels. 

Qi Gong complements Massage Therapy extremely well and helps us to slow down. In Chinese hospitals Qi Gong is a primary treatment for many serious health conditions.

Qi Gong helps us to slow down & free the body of tension. This is achieved by slow, relaxed, continuous movement, generating a relaxed focus on what we are doing and effortless movement. Most reported benefits of Qi Gong are the simultaneous effects of breathing and slow movement – bringing the mind into the “here and now” – “a space where worries and distracting thoughts are absent” and an experience of “stillness”. For information on classes, talks and taster sessions contact by email or mobile.