Looking After Yourself with Massage Therapy

It seems that there is little time these days for considering our WELLBEING. In the workplace, it doesn’t seem to get a look in. Our bodies have to perform day after day and it is unreasonable to not foresee that there are long term consequences on our health. especially as many of us are spending most of our time sat in front of a computer. The impact on health of this culture is well chronicled. We are told to move away from the desk, but the reality it seems still deems this as “unproductive”.

The cost of this is that we simply don’t have enough time to “look after ourselves”. But at the cost of our wellbeing. This a cost that we can we ill-afford to overlook!

As a Professional Massage Therapist, I endeavour to help my clients become more aware of the stresses and tensions that accumulate over time in their bodies, and empower them to become more aware of how their lifestyle may be impacting on their health, mobility & vitality. And that tension CAN be released, despite having been held for many years. But that is an ongoing process, a “work in progress” you might say.

Massage Therapy works on many levels and is often the only time that many clients have for themselves, in a space where they can just simply BE, if only for an hour. Its not really enough though. There is much more to massage than most people think.

Clients often ask me how often they should have a massage session……….I see it as medicine!!!! Something you take regularly to maintain integrity in the muscle tissue & prevent tension creeping up, & simply just feel good in your body We live in a society where the mainstream mindset is that medicine comes in a bottle. Usually taken long term. But there are other options, massage being one of mine. I live in hope of the time when Doctors will prescribe am massage session. So, in answer to my clients’ question, Massage Therapy is a long term commitment because your body deserves to be looked after….and it will thank you in countless ways. I certainly see it that way.

Massage Therapy comes into its own when one commits to regular treatment, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Depending on the presenting symptoms.