I use a wide range of Eastern and Western massage techniques and work from this breadth of knowledge – but most importantly, I treat the body as a whole, taking into account your emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as your physical body.



Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is used to treat and release older and more long term patterns of holding tension that exist in the deeper layers of muscle tissue. These patterns may have built up over time through stress, poor posture, injury, trauma etc.. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy techniques are then required to recover muscle tone and mobility, in order to let go of tension.

Qi Gong (Qigong or Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese sophisticated form of physiotherapy combining slow movement, posture, breathing and awareness. Qi Gong's gentle but powerful exercises heal the body, and over time increase flexibility, improve immunity and vitality. At a deeper level, Qi Gong clears blockages from the energy centres and channels.

Sports Massage Therapy helps alleviate stress & tension which builds up in the body's soft tissues during physical activity. Sports Massage can help break down injuries & lesions quickly and effectively, and prevent those injuries that can get in the way of performance, whether you are an athlete or just like to jog once a week.



About Me

I trained as a professional massage therapist in 1990 at The Northern College of Acupuncture. I am a member of Northern Massage Association (NMA) & Massage Training Institute (MTI). To keep my skills up to date, I regularly attend workshops on Advanced Massage Techniques with the NMA. I have worked at the MTI stand at the Back Pain Show at Olympia, Earls Court, showcasing my work.

I also teach Tai Chi/Qi Gong in hospitals and in the community, where I work with patients experiencing anxiety, stress and depression.

I am also a peer support group facilitator, running support groups, confidence building and assertiveness courses for mind and I'm currently co-facilitating healing retreats in the UK and Europe.